Roadapple Ranch

Finch, Ontario

Mike and Kim started raising their own meat years ago, wanting to control the diet and lifestyle of their animals for the better.  When friends and family ate at the Ranch, they invariably commented on the quality, and asked where the meat came from, and voila, a business was born!

Today we select our breeds for their meat quality, hardiness, and mothering abilities, so that they can produce the best quality product without chemical intervention.  We give our animals the best lives possible, operating in a sustainable and ethical manner. We eventually expanded our activities to growing some vegetables for sale, and the bees came along as we were concerned about their survival difficulties, aware of how important they are to so many plants!

If you are concerned about your food's environmental footprint, so are we!  Below you can check your location and see how you compare to the 100 mile (or kilometer) diet ideology with respect to Roadapple Ranch.  We take environmental concerns into account when we make our daily travel choices, using the most fuel efficient vehicle for the task at hand, and combining as many errands (or deliveries) as we can into every trip we make.