Helpful hints for cooking
Beef Recipes
Here are some tried-and-true recipes from our own Roadapple Ranch kitchen using naturally lean, grass-fed Belted Galloway beef!
Spice Mixtures & BBQ Rubs
At Roadapple Ranch, we love our barbecues and our smoker! We use many of the herbs that we grow ourselves, but you can also make these delicious seasonings from spices purchased from health or bulk food stores. Whether you use live fire, coals, or smoke these recipes will enhance the flavour of your delicious Roadapple Ranch meat products.
Honey Recipes
Long before sugar showed up in any form, the only type of sweetener available was natural honey! These recipes return to the old and gold days, using Roadapple Ranch unpasteurized honey instead of refined sugars. To learn more about the life and times of honey, read "Robbing the Bees: A Biography of Honey" by Holley Bishop. This is a beautifully written book that reads like a novel.
Egg Recipes
Farm fresh eggs are different with each season. Free range chickens eat different things at different times of the year resulting in different colour and consistency in the eggs. You will find traditional French cooking recipes that call for "spring chicken eggs" - it is not a "spring chicken" that you are looking for, but an egg that was laid in the spring!
Pork Recipes
Pork can be a delicious addition to the menu. Whether you want just a taste in a yummy stir fry, or a full-on family dinner of roasted pork, we have the cut and recipe for you.
Summer Produce Recipes
Although we are not a "market garden producer" we do grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs for our own consumption. From time-to-time we have more available than we can use and we will offer this for sale. These are recipes that we use for storing and using these delicious summer treasures!
Chicken Recipes
From whole chicken to chicken wings, to boneless and skinless breast or thighs: our artisanal, free-range, non-gmo fed chicken is delicious, healthy, and easy to add to your real food diet!
Hints for Preparing RAR Belted Galloway Beef
Naturally lean and low in saturated fat, some people find Belted Galloway beef a little different to prepare from conventional store-bought meat. These hints on preparation will make the most out of the delicious cuts of beef you have chosen!