Pork Recipes

Pork can be a delicious addition to the menu. Whether you want just a taste in a yummy stir fry, or a full-on family dinner of roasted pork, we have the cut and recipe for you.
Spicy Teryaki Kebabs
This yummy kebab recipe is great with pork or beef chunks. It is sweet-salty with a hint of heat. Very easy and great on the BBQ!
Did someone say BACON?!!
Here are Roadapple Ranch's current bacon recipes. We smoke our bacon in small batches so they are available in limited supply - but so tasty! Our bacon is "marinated" in each spice mixture for several days before cold smoking. Roadapple Ranch pork is not very fatty, so the smoke and flavouring is subtle and really allows the pork flavour to come through. Delicious at breakfast, lunch AND dinner!